design services offered:


  • Brand creation
  • Print collateral
  • Web assets
  • Brand consulting


  • Editorial design
  • Invitations + event collateral
  • Packaging
  • Photography


  • Web assets
  • Squarespace customization
  • Stickers + stamps
  • And more (let's chat!)

a little bit about me
(and you too!)

You're a passionate small business owner, entrepreneur, or just someone looking for a fun and unique invitation or announcement for your next big event. You know you have something important to share, but you're not sure how to get started. You want an experienced designer to walk you through the process and provide a carefully-crafted, boutique design experience (without the hassle of dealing with a big faceless studio). You're ready to make the leap and have some fun along the way.
As a storyteller by nature and a designer by trade, I'm in the business of inspiring people and giving them a sense of confidence they previously didn't think possible. I design brands and print collateral for both small businesses and events (and especially love food or drink-centric projects!). I take the time to get to know you, your story, and help you learn more about yourself and the design process along the way. Oh, and one more thing, we're going to have a blast together—I promise!

my creative process

One of the most important things to me as a designer is making sure that you’re involved in every step of the design process. Through questionnaires, conversations, and a collection of visual inspiration, we will craft a brand that accurately represents your values and tackles your unique goals. As a designer with a unique background in both marketing and adult education, I make sure that you have an understanding of every stage of the design process.



You found me! You have a project you're excited to get started and you're ready to get the ball rolling! Send me an email with an overview of your amazing project and what your timeline looks like. It's that easy!

After that we'll chat about your project and I'll get to know you and your organization. This is when we can talk timelines, your investment, and address any questions you might have. Following this conversation, I'll send you a proposal + contract.

Branding is all about evoking positive emotion. In order to do this, I'll also provide some homework that will help me (and you) really get in tune with the heart and soul of you and your company/project.


With a plan in place and an understanding of your unique story, we can then start working on the visual representation of your brand. I'll do some visual research and check in with you to make sure we get things just right. We'll share images of inspiration and make sure we're both on the same page aesthetically. I'll send you a moodboard that will capture the essence of your project, and with your approval, we'll move onto the formal design process.

That's when the magic happens! You'll sit back and relax while I flex my creative muscles. You'll get updates along the way and I'll ask for your feedback. Then I'll make any remaining revisions to perfect the project.


We're all done! I'll wrap up any last touches and upon final payment, I'll provide the final files and materials determined in our contract. Your lovely project is now complete and ready to be released into the world!

This is when we celebrate with a high-five or the virtual equivalent when physical high-fives are not plausible. If you're local (Chicagoland), I'd love to grab a cup of coffee (or ice cream!) with you to celebrate. I'm a firm believer in celebrating accomplishments! :)