Tee Time

Anyone who has spent 2 minutes on my Pinterest page can tell you how much I LOVE lettering and typography (hint: it’s A LOT). A less well-known fact about me is that I am obsessed with t-shirts. For a while I had to put myself on a t-shirt ban because I simply had too many (okay, so I still have too many). Anyway, I’m better at restraining my urge to buy every beautiful typographic, lettered, or otherwise incredibly designed t-shirt I come across these days, but I still can’t help but look. Since I’m already perusing them regularly, I’ve to start up a new type of post. This post is the first in the “Tee Time Tuesday” series so get excited!

The first series of shirts for Tee Time Tuesday are as follows:

01. Victory (Salvation Army) from Ryan vs. Clark
02. Slow & Steady Wins from Ugmonk
03. Dodge & Burn from Dodge & Burn
04. Cinderella Boxing from Arquebus Clothing

Be sure to check out the lovely designers and organizations that put these shirts together. The world is full of so many awesome people, so let’s show them some love!