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The Fog Rolls In: A Halloween Playlist

The Fog Rolls In Mixtape

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may not know this about me, but I absolutely love Halloween. Despite hating it from ages 3-5 after being scared to tears by a neighbor, it’s really become to been a holiday I enjoy. Heck, I even volunteered at a haunted house at one point. For whatever reason, I really get a kick out of scary movies, creepy music, and of course, all the candy!

I also realized it’s been a while since I posted my last mixtape, so I thought I’d share an eerie playlist with everyone in the spirit of Halloween! However, you won’t find The Monster Mash here. What you will find are some gloomy, melancholic, and down right strange tunes - perfect for setting an ominous mood for any Halloween party! Enjoy!

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The Fog Rolls In

01. Hungry Face - Mogwai

02. Only Eternal - Jackson Scott

03. The Forest at Night - CFCF

04. The Sun - The Naked and Famous

05. B - iamamiwhoami

06. Doorway - Planningtorock

07.If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray

08.Ljoss - Forest Swords

09. Fall with Me - Flaamingos

10. Glow in the Dark - Teddybears

11. The Stranger - RJD2

11. L.A. Song - Fischerspooner

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Happy Halloween!




Do Work: Mixtape 03

Do Work: Mixtape 03

Who can’t use some new tunes on Friday?

(Especially on a Friday before a 3-day weekend for many US folks)

These past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for me (and many others in higher education). As I’ve mentioned before, whenever I really need to hunker down and get to work, it’s important for me to have a solid soundtrack. After falling in love with NONONO’s song Pumpin Blood, I knew that a whistle-inspired playlist was a must.

If you looking for some cheerful tunes to listen to this Friday, look no further than Do Work!

♪ Spotify // LISTEN NOW

Do Work

01. Wooden Chair - Angus Stone

02.Flash a Hungry Smile - Mystery Jets

03.Raid on the Radio - General Elektriks

04.Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums

05.5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale

06.Sissyneck - Beck

07.Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John

08.Pumpin Blood - NONONO

09.Whistle - Sporto Kantès

One of my awesome reader’s let me know that some songs are not available on Spotify in other parts of the world, so I’m going to be linking each song individually to its respective YouTube/Vimeo video as well.

That being said, I want to share my favorite music video from the playlist as well.

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Frank Turner Concert

When I found out Frank Turner was coming to Milwaukee, I knew in that moment that I had no choice but to go. The concert last night was so lovely in a way that I have not experienced at any other concert thanks to Frank Turner.

Frank Turner. Turner Ballroom, Milwaukee.

The concert started with an acoustic opening set from Beans On Toast which was colorful to say the least. From forgetting the words to most of his own songs to stopping the crowd from clapping along because it inhibited his ability to play the song correctly, the crowd was left laughing with their heads cocked in confusion.

Beans on Toast & Architects. Turner Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Next up was Architects (the US band). I had never heard these guys before, but their songs punched you in the face with hard-hitting guitar, moving basslines, and raw vocals in a way that left you asking for more.

The Turner Ballroom is quite a large venue yet Frank made it feel like an intimate coffee house show where he shared stories of travels and sang his heart out with the voice we’d all grown to love.

From the heart wrenching songs that gave us goosebumps to the songs where we passionately screamed in an overwhelming unison, Frank Turner captured our attention and hearts in a way that left everyone feeling as if he was an old friend of ours.

As if the experience hadn’t already been completely wonderful, he wrapped up the set by calling a young boy to the stage to sing the chorus of Photosynthesis with him (shown in the image above).

It was a miraculous show, and if you’re Frank Turner fan, I summon you to make EVERY effort possible to go see him live. Seriously. Print this blog and show it to your boss. I’m sure he or she will understand.




As it Stands

As it Stands1 // 2 // 3 // 4: Me //

This week I have been listening to Portugal. The Man’s newest album, Evil Friends quite a bit. I was a bit apprehensive when they released their single “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” but now that the whole album is out, I must say I have been listening to it on repeat. In particular, the song I’ve been most obsessed with is Atomic Man. Be sure to give it a listen here.

Kate Bingaman-Burt’s TEDx Talk is now available online, and I really enjoyed it. I constantly start personal projects which fall to the wayside, but hearing her talk about the process of making rules has me feeling more optimistic. For now, my newest project is keeping this blog alive and well. Let’s see how well my rules hold up!

I think it’s really important to get a little laugh in everyday because, let’s be real, life is too short to be serious all the time. This week I got a chuckle out of this slo-mo photobooth video. It’s an absolutely silly video that serves as a great reminder that growing older doesn’t have to equal growing up.

I’m trying to get better about documenting my life (see: this blog) because I realized how much I love that I can visit my 8 year old (abandoned) blog and quickly see what I was doing on this day in 2005.

That being said, I’m currently looking forward to visiting one of my best friends from college this weekend and spending my day with her in Madison tomorrow. To add to the excitement, another college friend is in town from Minnesota, so I’m excited to catch up with him too. I’m wholeheartedly embracing this busy but fun summer weekend!