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After work, I decided to go for a drive. Maybe it’s my midwestern upbringing or perhaps it’s something I got used to since my parents both grew up in the city and liked experiencing the country scenery on summer days, but there is something beautifully appealing about driving just because it’s nice outside. Driving just to see blurring landscape while singing your favorite songs in the car.

I ended up at a county park I’d never been to, wearing clothes not suited for hiking. I spent 45 minutes exploring this new-to-me scenery. Not for exercise. Not to take photos (though I did snag the one above with my iPhone). Not to kill time. I did it because it was a beautiful day. I did it because I like being outside. I felt the spongy earth through the soles of the fabric flats I wore to work as my hair, which I refused to put up, danced in the wind. It was spontaneous, lovely, and so different from my other more technologically-based hobbies.

While I always make a point to do something I love each day, it occurred to me that I need to make a more conscious effort to spend less time in front the computer and more time exploring, experiencing, and expanding my ever-growing list of things I love.