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The Fog Rolls In: A Halloween Playlist

The Fog Rolls In Mixtape

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may not know this about me, but I absolutely love Halloween. Despite hating it from ages 3-5 after being scared to tears by a neighbor, it’s really become to been a holiday I enjoy. Heck, I even volunteered at a haunted house at one point. For whatever reason, I really get a kick out of scary movies, creepy music, and of course, all the candy!

I also realized it’s been a while since I posted my last mixtape, so I thought I’d share an eerie playlist with everyone in the spirit of Halloween! However, you won’t find The Monster Mash here. What you will find are some gloomy, melancholic, and down right strange tunes - perfect for setting an ominous mood for any Halloween party! Enjoy!

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The Fog Rolls In

01. Hungry Face - Mogwai

02. Only Eternal - Jackson Scott

03. The Forest at Night - CFCF

04. The Sun - The Naked and Famous

05. B - iamamiwhoami

06. Doorway - Planningtorock

07.If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray

08.Ljoss - Forest Swords

09. Fall with Me - Flaamingos

10. Glow in the Dark - Teddybears

11. The Stranger - RJD2

11. L.A. Song - Fischerspooner

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Happy Halloween!




Until next time, Colorado

Until Next Time

I cannot believe how quickly my time in Colorado flew by or how madly I fell in love with that beautiful state! I’ve been to quite a few mountainous destinations in travels’ past, yet no matter how many times I encounter mountains, I am always awestruck by their powerful presence. Having grown up in the flatland Chicago suburbs, I have always marveled over the allure of the mountains. Hell, I still occasionally find myself giddy over the rolling hills of Wisconsin for goodness sake. So as you might have guessed, I had an incredible time exploring these new places, and I cannot wait to return.

Ace Eat Serve. Denver, Colorado.

On top of the amazing natural scenery, Denver was full of so much well-done design at every turn that I couldn’t help but smile (and snag a few pieces for myself to bring home!). Whether I was walking down the street looking at the logos of local stores or reading restaurant menus, I was always greeted with clean, thoughtful design. Talk about a refreshing vacation!

Beautiful designs from around Colorado

What’s not to love? I did my best to take quite a few photos on the this journey, so be on the look out for a follow up post within the next week with even more from this excursion!