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Gray Days & Taco Times

Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI

This weekend I spontaneously decided that I wanted to spend some more time with my camera (which hasn’t been getting very much love lately). Despite the gloomy weather Saturday morning, I made the effort to get out there anyway and snap a few shots.


As an extrovert, I generally prefer spending time with others, yet I’ve always simultaneously relished the excitement of getting out and doing things on my own. There’s something so liberating about shutting your phone off and living in the moment, in your moment, to do whatever you please. These moments always leave me bright-eyed and creatively charged, so I was happy to spend some time in thick fog capturing these moments for the hell of it.


For the full effect, put on The Crane Wife by The Decemberists, which made for the perfect soundtrack as I walked for miles along the lake. I spent the rest of the day sipping coffee and doing a bit of reading and oogling over Marc Wagner’s latest zine, Mostly Cats & Monsters. I love his crazy, street-art-esque style and really enjoyed this little gem! Definitely check him out!

Bel Air, Milwaukee

Sunday was much sunnier, so Aaron and I decided to get out and get some delicious taco’s from the oh-so-amazing Bel Air. Mmmm.

Fuel Cafe, Milwaukee

After lunch, we decided to grab some coffee and hang out a bit before heading home. All in all, it was a fun and relaxing weekend which was just what I needed. Now it’s time to tackle another week! Let’s do this!




Ping Pong, Mexican Food, & Meteor Showers

La Perla, Milwaukee

This was the first weekend in quite some time where I didn’t have pre-established plans or pressing deadlines, and it was absolutely wonderful. My friends and I ended up not going out on the boat, but instead took a spontaneous trip to SPiN Milwaukee and followed it up with dinner at La Perla. Between the ping pong, giant jenga, and delicious Mexican food, we had an amazing afternoon.

Spin, Milwaukee

Later in the evening, we gathered up our blankets and bug spray and headed out to the park to watch the meteor shower. With our phones off and our eyes fixated on the sky, we marveled over the vastness of space and the beauty of the stars. It definitely was a good way to “reset” before the start of a new week.

I hope all of you had an equally excellent weekend!