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Streetlight Manifesto & The Blackhawks

Streetlight Manifesto

This weekend I went on a mini road trip to Bloomington, Illinois to see Streetlight Manifesto’s The End of the Beginning tour. The show itself was incredible, and while I had to resist my inner-teenage desire to hit the moshpits, I still loved every second  singing my heart out in the balcony. They played an excellent mix of new and old materials, and overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Little did I know what Monday night had in store for us.

Blackhawks win!

My friend Dan convinced me to stay in Illinois Monday night to watch the Blackhawks with everyone, and I am so thankful I did! There is nothing like celebrating a Stanley Cup victory like maniacally screaming and jumping up and down like savages with your friends. The above photo was taken prior to the win - trust me, we looked far more ecstatic after the win but were too busy celebrating to snap photos.

With Blackhawks on the brain, I decided that I wanted to update the home and lock screens on the my iPhone4, so I designed the above illustration because I couldn’t find one I liked. The image is available as an iPhone4 wallpaper and Facebook cover photo, and you can download them here.

Overall, I had an incredible weekend with great folks, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us!




As it Stands

As it Stand - June 21

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I have been listening to a lot of Streetlight Manifesto lately, including their newest album Hands that Thieve. Unbeknownst to many, I spent the majority of my high school days obsessing over ska music and playing in my ska band, Two for Flinching. Two of my best friends (and former band-mates) asked me if I’d be interested in seeing Streetlight Manifesto for their Beginning of the End tour since we used to cover quite a few of their songs. I, of course, said yes and have spent much of my week familiarizing myself with their newest album.


This week I discovered the cutest paper boutique, Monogram Paper & Gifts. This store just screamed my name, and I honestly had a hard time not buying everything in sight! In fact, I bought even more than what is shown above, but for the sake of not ruining surprises for people I couldn’t show everything. From lovely stationery to adorable and quirky gifts, this store was absolutely wonderful! I am absolutely loving my new America the Beautiful Field Notes too.


For whatever reason, I cannot get enough of these “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” GIFs. I suppose I should come clean and mention that I’m an absolute sucker for goofy GIFs. Though I can’t explain why, I definitely got a huge kick out of these silly images.


After spending the morning and afternoon working on a new project for a client, I am really looking forward to spending some time with my two amazing friends mentioned earlier, Dan and Zak (as shown in the photo from left to right: Dan, myself, Zak). We grew up together, and while our group of friends has all split up (geographically speaking, this is), we make a diligent effort to get together for long weekends when we can to catch up and love life. I am really looking forward to spending some time with these crazy kids and seeing a band we were all obsessed with during our young and reckless high school days.



Frank Turner Concert

When I found out Frank Turner was coming to Milwaukee, I knew in that moment that I had no choice but to go. The concert last night was so lovely in a way that I have not experienced at any other concert thanks to Frank Turner.

Frank Turner. Turner Ballroom, Milwaukee.

The concert started with an acoustic opening set from Beans On Toast which was colorful to say the least. From forgetting the words to most of his own songs to stopping the crowd from clapping along because it inhibited his ability to play the song correctly, the crowd was left laughing with their heads cocked in confusion.

Beans on Toast & Architects. Turner Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Next up was Architects (the US band). I had never heard these guys before, but their songs punched you in the face with hard-hitting guitar, moving basslines, and raw vocals in a way that left you asking for more.

The Turner Ballroom is quite a large venue yet Frank made it feel like an intimate coffee house show where he shared stories of travels and sang his heart out with the voice we’d all grown to love.

From the heart wrenching songs that gave us goosebumps to the songs where we passionately screamed in an overwhelming unison, Frank Turner captured our attention and hearts in a way that left everyone feeling as if he was an old friend of ours.

As if the experience hadn’t already been completely wonderful, he wrapped up the set by calling a young boy to the stage to sing the chorus of Photosynthesis with him (shown in the image above).

It was a miraculous show, and if you’re Frank Turner fan, I summon you to make EVERY effort possible to go see him live. Seriously. Print this blog and show it to your boss. I’m sure he or she will understand.