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Where does the time go? Just like that, it’s already November. The month of giving thanks, the start of holiday shopping (unless you start in October like me), and the first of many family get-togethers.

For some, November is also a month of no shaving and novel writing. Every Halloween, without fail, I find myself nodding and thinking “Yeah, I guess I really could write a novel this November. It wouldn’t be so bad!”

And then I wake up on November first and think “Forget that noise! I don’t want to write a novel!” The truth is, I’d much rather spend a month diligently creating new designs, taking photos, or actually blogging daily than write a novel. So sorry National Novel Writing Month, I have stood you up yet again. Hat’s off to all you you future novelists and bearded beauties though!

For those about to write, I salute you.