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3 awesome things occupying my time

A sneak peek of my future wedding ceremony location 💕🍻


This past March my then-boyfriend proposed to me, and we started off on a brand new adventure together as fiances. As much as I love getting down and dirty with the details, I’ll admit that planning our wedding seemed a bit daunting at first. I never dreamed of my wedding as a little girl—hell, even my Pinterest boards were pretty clear of wedding-related pins until recently—so it’s taken Aaron and I a little while to get things rolling. We’ve since set our date, secured our venues and photographer, and locked down a few other details, and things are finally starting to feel pretty good. I’ve been tinkering with a moodboard for quite a while now (designing for yourself is so hard!) so that should be done soon. Be on the look out for that! I'm excited to start working on the actual design of our wedding brand and all of our papergoods which will be exciting. Talk about save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, announcements, and signage galore! Bring it on!

I even got around to designing some cute little illustrated Pabst Blue Ribbon can cards for my bridesmaids-to-be which I sent to each of them along with some cute jewelry from the lovely Made by Maru. Luckily, they all said yes and agreed to be in our semi-beer-themed wedding next May! Hooray!

Trying desperately to overcome my brown thumb and keep these little plants alive while the boy is out of out town🍃🌿


Those who know me well, know that I struggle to keep even the most basic of plants alive. I really do love plants (both indoor and outdoor—but especially the ones that produce tasty food), but I can never seem to remember to water them or give them just the right amount of sunlight or who knows what. Even as I write this out and realize how simple this task sounds, I still can’t seem to get it right in real life (see: I single-handedly killed all of Aaron’s plants last year with the exception of the mint which is literally a weed—whoops!). However, Aaron was out of town for almost an entire week and I managed to keep the little patio garden alive and kickin’ while he was out! Perhaps more plants are in my future!

Farmers market love 🍅🍓🍎❤️

Since I don’t totally have faith in my gardening skills just yet, I was excited to hit up the Dodge County Farmer’s Market this past weekend and load up on delicious fresh produce! I’m still going through my photos from the weekend, but I’ll share those with you in the next day or so. They’re going to make you drool ;)

Enjoying some much needed coffee this morning from a mug one of my clients gave me 💕  I work with the absolute sweetest people ever ☺️


With all of the wedding planning, freelance projects, working out and just the everyday hassles like grocery shopping and trying to find time to eat a proper meal, I’ve found myself burning the midnight oil and going a mile a minute lately. Luckily, I’ve gotten infinitely better about managing my time and dodging complete and utter burn out in recent years. In order to successfully avoid reaching that point, I’ve been taking time to enjoy some relaxing time on the patio (along with this adorable mug one of my amazing clients sent me—how sweet is she?!) while also seeking out new adventures (which in this case means exploring new breweries with Aaron).

Weekend adventures to One Barrel Brewing Company 🍻

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Delicious adventures in Chicago + Lake Geneva, WI!

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

My weekend summed up in a single word: DELICIOUS!


On Friday, Aaron and I met up with some friends downtown for dinner and drinks. When we showed up at our friend’s apartment and were asked if we’d be interested in grabbing burgers. I, of course, was immediately sold. We grabbed an Über and headed to DMK Burger Bar in Lakeview. Now don’t let their corny website fool you—this place is great!


Their truffle fries are incredible, and my #1 burger (made with aged cheddar, smoked Bacon, charred balsamic red onions, Rufus Teague’s BBQ sauce) was to die for. Seriously. I’m drooling right now just thinking about it. Definitely check this place out if you’re looking for a quality grass-fed burger (that is big but not so big that you have to wrestle with it just to take a bite) with killer hospitality, you’ve got to give ‘em a try!


Following dinner, we headed over to Headquarters Beercade for some more fun. There are few things I love more than arcades paired with an ice cold beer.


My family and I headed up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this weekend to check out the US National Snow Sculpting Competition which is a tradition of sorts for us. This is definitely an event you should check out if you’re not too far away! I am always so amazed but the beautiful things that these talents artists can create out of nothing but snow!


Be sure to take a peek at the US National Snow Sculpting Competition Facebook page for even more incredible photos of the magnificent sculptures they created!


Afterwards, we headed to Gino’s East to warm up and enjoy some amazing deep dish pizza. I always have to laugh at the irony of traveling to Wisconsin for some of Chicago’s best deep dish (in my humble opinion), but I’m not complaining! It was amazing as per usual :)


Sunday morning was spent preparing dips/snacks and making guacamole. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon reading and avoiding eating the aforementioned snacks. Man oh man was I excited to dig into those once the SuperBowl started (as you can tell,football isn’t really my thing). It was so nice to just stay inside all day while the snow consumed the world outside.


This weekend I also discovered two LUSH products that are quickly proving to be game changers for my face! Usually my skin is pretty oily/full of spots (think back to the days of early adolescents), but between this blueberry mask and the tea tree water, my face is bouncing back to life. Hooray!