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Wanderlust Revisited

Torchy's Tacos, Austin, TX

The weather this winter has been pretty mild so far, but it certainly has been dark and gloomy for a few days. With 5:00pm sunsets and 20 degree temperatures, it’s hard for me to keep from reminiscing about my time in sunny Austin just a few short months ago. I previously promised to share a few more photos from my Austin adventure so I thought I’d share those sunny times with you today in hopes of brightening up your day.

Uncommon Objects, Austin, TX
Gordough's Donuts, Austin, TX
Granny's Pie + Fat Elvis

I am quite literally start drool over here just remember how incredible those donuts from Gordough’s Donuts were. Where else can you get a donut with  caramel, pecans, graham crackers, and bananas? Seriously, if there is another place, I need to know about it ASAP!

Succulents, Austin, TX
Cacti, Austin, TX
Easy Tiger, Austin, TX

I’m definitely missing that warm sunny and the beauty of all of the cacti and succulents around town.

And as much as I loved Austin, there were definitely some fun times had in San Antonio for the day Aaron and I were there. I’m not sure if this is always the case, but when we went to Austin, we actually flew in and out of San Antonio for about $100 less (per ticket) than we would have if have flown directly to Austin. If you’re ever looking to fly to Austin and plan on rent a car, I definitely recommend researching this as an option!

Blue Star—San Antonio, TX

Sigh. Texas, I miss you…or at the very least your sunny disposition. Even just shuffling through these photos and thrown me in a fit of wanderlust yet again. I don’t know where my travels will take me next, but I’m already excited for the new places I’ll discover!

For a few more photos of this little adventure of mine, check out my Flickr!