Field Notes Field Day

Wow. Words cannot even describe how absolutely amazing my weekend was. It started on Friday with birthday shenanigans in honor of my awesome friend Brittney followed by an unexpected visit from my buddy Jason on Saturday morning. After eating some food and discovering King of Tokyo (I need to play this game more - it seemed so cool!), I jumped in my car and headed to DeKalb for Seek Con. I wasn’t able to get tickets for the entire conference, but I was more than happy settling with tickets to see the incredible Stefan Sagmeister and Aaron Draplin.


Aaron Draplin has got to be one of the most incredible people ever. His talk was filled with so much heart and passion that I found myself tearing up. He had this perfect presentation style that was light-hearted and hilarious (see above) while simultaneously punching you in the gut with heartfelt goodness. He’s a humble, hardworking, bad ass with a heart of gold. It’s hard to fathom that combo until you hear him talk, but trust me, he’s just plain awesome. I’ve been a fan of Field Notes for quite some time too, so it was great to hear from the man with the plan himself. He also made me feel better about my compulsive need to collect a million vintage magazines, advertisements, packaging, etc.. He also taught me that organization is what separates hoarding from curating. I really need to get some flat files stat…but that’s another story for another day. In all seriousness though, hearing Draplin talk made me so ridiculously happy. I can’t help but smile when I see designers who are using their powers for good.


Next up was Stefan Sagmeister who was also quite inspiring but in a very different way than Draplin. We got to see quite a bit of footage from The Happy Show and learn about the positive psychology which he based the project on. It was really insightful and left everyone feeling pretty cheery. Following the talks, a very sweet girl offered up her after party ticket to me after I expressed that I was bummed that I couldn’t attend. I was thrilled! I decided to hurry over to the merch table before heading out. If you know me personally (or have ever watched me spill the contents of my purse in public), you’d know that I have a bit of a notebook problem. I tend to have anywhere from 2-5 notebooks on me at a time. I know, I know, it’s crazy, but alas, it’s how I operate. Needless to say, I was on the hunt for some new notebooks.

Field Notes

Everyone seemed to be in such a rush so I decided to hang back and wait until just about everyone cleared out. When I finally got up to the table, I was overcome by the various styles of Field Notes. However, I quickly drawn to the 2014 Calendar. After mulling over my options, I decided on these awesome Illinois notebooks and asked Draplin for the total. He looked me in the eyes as he picked up a pack of Expedition notebooks, gently placed them in my hands, and with a genuine smile said “You seem like such a nice person - I like you. I want you to have these for free, okay?”

I resisted my urge to excitedly squee like a teenage girl and instead just settled for an ear-to-ear smile and thanked him kindly. Since I have so many notebooks on me at any given, it was easy for me to quickly retrieve one from my massive purse. I pulled out one that I bought this summer and had been using to take SeekCon notes and asked him to sign it. How fangirl of me, I know.

Sunday was spent at the Museum of Science and Industry with Aaron and Sonny which was also a blast! I hadn’t been there in a few years, so it was great to check out the exhibits, both new and old. Bonus! We went to the Omnimax and saw Space Junk. Excellent!

All in all, it was an amazing (and jam-packed) weekend!