Saturday Mornings

leather tote // striped napkins // cheeky planner // macbook sleeve

I love Saturday mornings. There’s something so wonderful about taking my time to wake up and enjoy a slow (rather than on-the-go) breakfast with some piping hot coffee and cheerful tunes. Admittedly, I’ve even been known to make whole pots off coffee and drink all of it by myself on these mornings - oops!

I spend the morning sipping coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs that I didn’t have a chance to read throughout the week. Then once the coffee kicks in, I like to look at some of my latest client projects with fresh eyes and do the design equivalent of picking at a meal when you’re already full. I may make teeny changes to client projects here and there, but it’s more a self-reflective piece about how the project is going. I love this aspect of my design process and of my Saturday mornings.

Regardless of how you spend your Saturday, I hope you find some to relax and dream big this weekend. As for me, I’ll be dreaming about those beautiful leather goods above while happily chipping away at my to-do lists. Who knows, maybe I’ll even give my camera some much needed love after quite some time away from it!

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