After years of vowing that I would attend Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair and continuously failing to do so, I finally made it to their December market this Saturday! I absolutely love looking at all of the beautiful, passion-filled work that fill these events, and the inevitable joy the work evokes when you bring them into your home.


While at Renegade, I discovered Fresh Tangerine, a Seattle-based company who seems to exclusively make jewelry I love. I am now the proud owner of those beautiful ampersand earrings along with the matching necklace. LOVE. The way to my heart is now Fresh Tangerine (though just about any type of food is still a close rival), so feel free to send some presents my way!


As a kid, I use to take coupons out of those dispensers in the grocery store aisles LIKE IT WAS MY JOB (as I’m sure many you did too). Now as an grown-ass lady and graphic designer, I find myself doing the exact same thing with the business cards neatly laid out on crafters’ tables. I snag as many as I can and then swoon over how beautiful they are. I love this layout! What a great size! The bite on this letterpress is beautiful! I love the weight of this card! With all of the business cards I’ve acquired this way, I might as well store them in a binder alongside my ancient Pokemon cards.


After the hustle and bustle of Saturday, I was definitely looking forward to some down time on Sunday. Aaron and I spent some time relaxing, setting up our Christmas tree, and watching Home Alone (only 1 & 2, of course). I also recently discovered the wonder of DW Home’s fraser fir wood-wick candle—it’s the perfect pine smell! Light it alongside a cinnamon candle and your home is sure to smell like the holidays in no time!


Also shown above is one of my favorite possessions to date—a spot-on illustration of Aaron and I, courtesy of the incredible Dwellephant at last year’s Hovercraft Milwaukee (and I’m super bummed I missed this years’). If you aren’t familiar with Dwellephant, definitely go check him out. He’s a super rad guy who also happens to make some really fun illustrations :)

Stay toasty!