Tiny Pantone Project

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I remember looking at Paul Octavious’ Instagram last year and just geeking out over his Pantone Project which involved him finding a variety of Pantone colors out in the wild. It was beautiful, it was awesome, and it was fun. A year passed and I sort of forgot that it was even thing until I found Tiny PMS Match which is run by designer Inca Mathew. Even though it’s a similar concept to the Pantone Project I saw last year, the sheer tininess of everything has got me obsessed with this idea all over again. Definitely check out Tiny PMS Match if you’re in the mood for some adorably teeny items just hanging out with their Pantone match.

And for those who forgot, here’s a quick round up of some of my favorite Paul Octavious’ finds!

Paul Octavious

1 // 2 // 3// 4

If these projects don’t just both scream summer, I don’t know what does!