This blog is officially 1 year old. It’s crazy to think about how far this blog (and I) have come since it’s first post. When I wrote the first post in this blog, I was still wrapping up my Master’s degree and trying to “figure out what I was doing with my life.” With the completion of my degree rapidly approaching I knew I would need something else to keep me busy (a bored Kristy is grumpy Kristy, and no one likes that at all). This blog grew into something far greater than I expected, and I wanted to thank all of you awesome folks for reading my posts, sending me emails, and just being overall rad people. As the blog grew, so did I.

Since the creation of this blog, I’ve relocated to another state (Hello, Illinois!), started a new job, and have worked with so many wonderful clients that it almost makes my head spin. Things are going as well as they ever had, and I’m pleased to say that a little determination can go a long way. Here’s to another year of fun adventures and exciting design!