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If you would’ve asked me even a year ago how I felt about gold, I would’ve told you I HATED it. In the world of metallics, I always thought of myself as more of a silver fan, but somewhere along the line that started to changed. Now I’m not saying I’m all for team gold now (Wait, do people even say stuff like “Team ____” anymore? Whatever.) because I still like silver more BUT I am learning to love gold. More specifically, I’m starting to get really into gold polka dots. It probably started with these cute thank you cards, and since then, I’ve started to notice other gold goods have worked their way into my home and designs.


For example, I recently bought this awesome hot pink and gold polka dot notebook after my mom bought me a similar one for Christmas that I love. Plus it’s no secret that I love hot pink (and pretty much every other unforgivably bright and bold color) so this was too perfect. The postcard is one that I bought from one of my favorite stationery boutiques over the summer that I’ve had on display in my living room. Even my nails are gold!

And hey, don’t forget to check out the links to each of the images because these are all awesome things that you can buy on Etsy! Shopping spree, anyone?