Amped to finally be moving forward on this!

C A L L I N G    A L L    B I C Y C L E    E N T H U S I A S T S

I’m very excited to announce that I’m moving forward with my on-going bicycle zine! However, when I actually started working on it by myself, I realized this is not something I want to dive into alone. The cycling community is a great one to be a part of, and I want to extend this zine to include the work of some of these incredible individuals (aka: YOU!). 

For the inaugural issue, I’m looking for a variety of written and visual contributions. The list below is not an exclusive list of things that will be included, but rather a starting point. If you have other ideas or something else cool to contribute, I’m definitely interested in hearing about it! Shoot an email to and let me know! And don’t take the word counts too seriously - I just thought people might want a general idea of what they’re getting into! Anyway, here’s the list of initial topics:

PERFECTION. We all have memories about a particular ride that was nothing short of amazing. If you have a particularly wonderful memory of riding your bike, I’d love people to share that story so that we can all live vicariously through your victorious ride! 250-500 words + optional photo

BICYCLE ART + PHOTOGRAPHY. If you’re an artist, photographer, graphic designer, or any other type of visual creative with a passion for bikes and cycling and have some work you would like to showcase, let’s see it! Depending on the length of the other content, I may be able to accommodate 2-5 pieces (either all from one artist or from a variety of artists). // photos (measuring up to 8.5”x5.5” )

BIKE SHOP FEATURE. Let the whole neighborhood know why your bike shop is the best in town! I’m looking for someone to do a write about their favorite local bike shop. Interview the owners, take photos of the interior, get feedback from other patrons about why they love it, etc.    250–750 words + multiple photos

SHOW OFF. Do you have a great bicycle that you’ve been working on that you want to show to the world? Did you upgrade some rust bucket you found in your grandpa’s basement into the coolest ride in town? I want to showcase a bicycle (and all it’s specs) each issue, so if your bike is turning heads, I want to see it! // Detailed bike specs + multiple photos

DIGGER. Most of us have a gnarly scar or two from a bicycle-related injury. If you’ve got a crazy story about a wipe out you had, I want to hear it! // 250–500 words + photos

HORROR STORY. Do you experience a run in with a crazy motorist? Do you have an elaborate tale about some other awful experience you had on your bike? Vent your frustration and get it off your chest by submitting your story. 250–500 words + optional photo

BICYCLE RIGHTS. I’m looking for someone to write up various articles regarding bicycle rights and how to stay safe amongst the chaos of the road. Initial topics might include road rules basics, summaries of recent bicycle-related court cases, etc. I’m pretty open to whatever you’re interested in writing about // 250–500 words 

All contributors will be listed in the zine as contributor (with brief bio + photo) and on the zine’s website (coming soon!). Additionally, each contributor will receive 10 paper copies of the zine and some super rad Jelly Legs stickers!

If you’re interest in contributing, send me an email at and let’s talk!

PS: While I love my mountain-riding cyclists, I’m from the lovely flatlands of Illinois so I’d like to focus on road, commuter, and fixed gear bicycles! Thanks!