Inspired by: Rudi de Wet

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Though I’ve only give you two previous insights as to what inspires me, you might have already noticed that lettering and playful illustrations tend to be at the top of my list. I often have a hard time articulating the style of work that I’m most drawn to and inspired by (I usually call it crunchydesign, though that’s definitely a Kristyism). However, the cheerful work from Rudi de Wet is a great example of some of what I love most. Rudi has an incredible style that mixes beautiful handlettering with an illustration style that never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Plus, anyone who has worked on an illustration project for a grill featuring little illustrations of hamburgers + beers is a friend of mine! I would love to have that grill (so if you want a new best friend, find a way to get one to me in the United States).

And despite what the image above conveys, he also isn’t afraid to use color which is something I admire (since I, admittedly, tend to favor cheerful + bold color palettes).


All in all, I really dig Rudi’s style, and I think you should definitely go check out the rest of his work over here!