Gifts for Guys

chewing sticks // leather coasters // catch-all and/or ash tray // brooks messenger bag // camp blanket // writing utensil + notebook case

Confession: I love holiday shopping. I’m usually the person who starts buying Christmas gifts in October and is done by Thanksgiving. I love hunting down the perfect gifts for people and the challenge of finding presents for hard-to-shop-for folks. However, unlike most years, I’ve found myself scrambling to nail down gifts for people this year—eek!

I think I’ve finally figured out presents for just about everyone, but now I have to actually go out and get them (or worse yet, order them online and pray to the shipping gods that they’ll arrive in time!).

For anyone else who might’ve been procrastinating on any holiday shopping, I’ve put together a little Gift Guide for the fellas who can often be difficult to shop for (although I wouldn’t mine most of these items myself!). I also want to quickly note that while I’m not a fan of chewing sticks, I bought the Single Malt Scotch soaked sticks for Aaron last Christmas on a whim, and he’s still raving about them! So if a guy on your shopping list is into that sort of thing, I definitely recommend them. Happy shopping everyone!