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For those of us in the midwest, we’re finally on the cusp of finally making it to spring! We had a rough winter, but even just these few handful of warm days have been enough to throw me into spring fever. I love spring for all the reasons that I simultaneously complain about it - it’s rainy, it’s cool, and you only have a 30% chance of a beautiful day. Those beautiful days are what fill me with enthusiasm and energy in the anticipation of the upcoming summer. Yet just when I’m feeling like I can take on the world because it’s finally 60°F, it drops down to freezing again…and I’ve learned to love this. The weather isn’t so nice out that I feel the need to blow off my ever-growing to-do list so I actually end up staying in tackling a lot of extra personal projects (and let’s be real, Netflix watching too).

If you are loving any of the items in the moodboard above, definitely check out the links below the picture to visit the amazing Etsy store owners who produced them. Support small business, friends!