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Inspiration Insight: How to Find Fulfilling Work


Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for the weekend. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of optimism that rolls in as another week comes to end :)

I recently stumbled across this great little video about how to find fulfilling work. It’s not particularly earth-shaking with the suggestions it makes, but it definitely delivers that kick-in-the-pants advice that makes you feel a bit more motivated to tackle whatever obstacles are ahead of you. Enjoy!



Inspiration Insight: Rudi de Wet

Inspired by: Rudi de Wet

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Though I’ve only give you two previous insights as to what inspires me, you might have already noticed that lettering and playful illustrations tend to be at the top of my list. I often have a hard time articulating the style of work that I’m most drawn to and inspired by (I usually call it crunchydesign, though that’s definitely a Kristyism). However, the cheerful work from Rudi de Wet is a great example of some of what I love most. Rudi has an incredible style that mixes beautiful handlettering with an illustration style that never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Plus, anyone who has worked on an illustration project for a grill featuring little illustrations of hamburgers + beers is a friend of mine! I would love to have that grill (so if you want a new best friend, find a way to get one to me in the United States).

And despite what the image above conveys, he also isn’t afraid to use color which is something I admire (since I, admittedly, tend to favor cheerful + bold color palettes).


All in all, I really dig Rudi’s style, and I think you should definitely go check out the rest of his work over here!



Inspiration Insight: Ladies of Letters

Ladies of Letters

Over the weekend I discovered the Ladies of Letters project, and I immediately fell in love. Ladies of Letters is a collaborative project from the very talented Carla Hackett and Amy Constable (AKA Saint Gertrude). Together they’ve been busy lettering and printing a set of awe inspiring letters which you can buy here. Better yet? A percentage of all of their sales are donated to The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation whose aim is to raise literacy levels throughout Australia. How amazing is that? There is little I love more than beautiful design paired with helping a good cause :) I am particularly obsessed with the style and color of that “S”! Hot pink mixed with nods to vintage lettering? Yes please!

Check out this incredible video showcasing their work together!

I guess videos featuring letter presses are my thing lately, but come on, what’s not to love? And while these ladies make excellent work together, they also create some incredible things separately as well.

Just look at this beautiful lettering from Carla Hackett! I am absolutely blown away by her work. Hats off to her gorgeous brush lettering! I definitely want to brush up on my skills after looking through her impressive portfolio of work (brush up, get it? Get it?! *elbow elbow* …okay, sorry. Too corny, my bad).


Saint Gertrude has some incredible letterpress work too which you should definitely take a peek at. If you’re in Australia, you should probably also go to one of her letterpress workshops too because they look incredibly fun (and I’m insanely jealous of the people who get to learn under her guidance).

These women are so inspiring! I can’t help but drool over their collaborative and solo work. Bravo ladies :)



Inspiration Insight: Brett Stenson

Varado & Co, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Happy Monday everyone! I’m excited to share a new post series that I’ll be adding to the collection which will feature sources of my inspiration! Plus, Mondays can be particularly rough, so why not start the week off with some bright and cheerful imagery? Much of my inspiration comes from experiences away from the computer, yet there are times when escaping the studio just aren’t possible. In either case, I’m excited to share some of the inspiring gems I find online and elsewhere with you.

On the rare occasion that I am able to get away from my desk, I try to snap a few photos of inspiring things while I’m out and about so that I have something to draw from the next time I’m in a creative jam. While looking through some old photos on my phone yesterday, I came across a few photos of pieces by Varado & Co that I had seen at Hot Pop’s* Friendship Show 2 in 2013 (two of which are shown above). Varado & Co is a small design studio based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin led by the incredibly talented Brett Stenson. As I saw these photos on my phone, I was immediately reminded of how much I love their work and knew immediately I needed to showcase them for this inaugural Monday Inspiration post.

Check out this beautiful video (by Ryan Bilinski) featuring the logo Varado & Co designed for Clunk Supply. Swoon!

Check out more work by Varado & Co on their website! Enjoy!

*Hot Pop is pretty much my favorite store ever so if you’re ever in Milwaukee, definitely check them out! They have an incredible store front filled with tons of lovely gifts, beautiful artwork from local artists, and a delightful staff. When I was still in the area, visiting Hot Pop was definitely a great inspiration when I felt stuck on a project too. They’re just the best!




Tiny Pantone Project

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I remember looking at Paul Octavious’ Instagram last year and just geeking out over his Pantone Project which involved him finding a variety of Pantone colors out in the wild. It was beautiful, it was awesome, and it was fun. A year passed and I sort of forgot that it was even thing until I found Tiny PMS Match which is run by designer Inca Mathew. Even though it’s a similar concept to the Pantone Project I saw last year, the sheer tininess of everything has got me obsessed with this idea all over again. Definitely check out Tiny PMS Match if you’re in the mood for some adorably teeny items just hanging out with their Pantone match.

And for those who forgot, here’s a quick round up of some of my favorite Paul Octavious’ finds!

Paul Octavious

1 // 2 // 3// 4

If these projects don’t just both scream summer, I don’t know what does!