The Feels

After wrapping up a few projects these last few weeks, I was feeling a bit creatively drained. However, as I was cleaning up my home office I came across some of the ephemera I had bought a few months ago. I am a huge sucker for 1950s-1960s magazines, photographs, letters, receipts, TV guides, advertisements, etc., and as a result, I have developed quite the collection over the years.

As I thumbed through the pages of a 1963 Life Magazine, I suddenly felt an urge to make something that would allow me to use those wonderful images. I busted out my mixed media sketchbook (which sadly has been neglected for ages) and went to town.

There is something about working with my hands, getting them covered in bits of paper and rubber cement, that I love. My design process often lacks that tactile experience (aside from pencil sketching), and it felt really good to do create something that didn’t involve sitting in front of a screen.