Inspired by some very intense and bold-flavored coffee I recently bought along with the start of a new fun and exciting project (more details to come in the following months - I promise!), I decided to make a playlist of some great sludgy, raw tunes.

I have this habit of trying out just about every creative outlet I can come upon. I discovered my love for both art and design by happenstance, so I always try to open myself up to other experiences too. My most recent creative dabbling has emerged in the glitch art. The “album” art for this playlist is an example of my glitch art, but I digress. Let’s get to that music!

// LISTEN NOW // ♪ Spotify //

01. Frontwards (Remaster) - Pavement

02. Witching Hour - Spook Houses

03. Tibetan Pop Stars - Hop Along

04. Mall of America - Desaparecidos

05. You Were Right - Built to Spill

06. F*ck the People - The Kills

07. Bug - Wavves

08.Job Fair - Archie Powell & The Exports

09. End of the Night - Smith Westerns

10. City of Angels - The Distillers

11. No Waves - FIDLAR (The start of this music video is priceless!)

11. Titus Andronicus Forever - Titus Andronicus

// original image by GothEric //

In other news, I went to Big Snow Show 8 this past weekend, and it was an absolutely incredible experience. Maybe this is me getting older, but I find myself taking fewer photos at shows these days. I guess I just realized that I rarely go back and watch those videos I take at shows, so aside from a few quick photos (okay, and a Snapchat or two) I kept my phone in my pocket. Evidently, doing this might even help me remember the event better - who knew? I did snag a really awesome Phoenix shirt that I took a photo of though! Check out that awesome typography!


Other than than, I’ve just been a busy bee trying to wrap up client projects and loved one’s presents! I’m definitely looking forward to some down time in the coming weeks!

Hang in there folks, the holiday hustle is about to sky rocket to over 9,000!