clock // candle holders // tub caddy // tray

Like many others, I’ve been known to spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest. However, within my first month of discovering the site, I quickly realized that I would pretty much never complete anything on my DIY board. Sure, I could make my own candle holders, tub caddy, or spray paint over 9,000 different household objects to turn them into something fun and new. “Yeah, ” I would think to myself, “I could do that myself!”

But here’s the thing, I never do. In the past, these pipe dream DIY projects used to result in a trip to the craft store where I’d inevitably burn a bunch of money on supplies I’d never use. However, even more often than that, I just disregarded them within seconds of pinning them. Sound familiar to anyone?

While I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just not cut out for the DIY lifestyle, I still can’t get enough of handmade items that are infused with love and have those wonderful one-of-a-kind imperfections. And with that, I rekindled my love with Etsy. Here I can support all the awesome people who actually have the patience to not only create beautiful pieces but also to do it with such diligence and passion that it makes my jaw drop. I don’t know how they do it. So this new series will feature some of the great things I stumble across on Etsy and other sites that I’d gladly welcome into my home (as long as I don’t have to make them)!