As it Stands - July 26, 2013

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This week I’ve been listening to Dan Croll quite a bit. I stumbled upon his EP, From Nowhere, on Spotify, and I’ve had it on repeat quite a bit. His upbeat music is perfect for those sunny afternoons you spend with the highway wind in your air. Definitely take some time to check him his EP, and be sure to look the full-length album which is to be released

September 24th.


I absolutely adore The Pixel Painter, the heart-melting story of a 97 year old retiree who uses MSPaint to create art. His story is beautiful, and it definitely inspires me to continue doing design work for the love it. If you’re looking for a feel-good video this Friday, give this video a watch.


This weekend I’ll be going to Germanfest (more on that in a second), and I’ve been trying to get in the spirit. When I stumbled across the video “How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages,“ I couldn’t help but chuckle. While I don’t approve of the grossly stereotypical portrayals of these nationalities, I had to laugh because when I first found myself at various German events in Milwaukee, I definitely felt like German sounded hilariously brash.


When I moved to the greater Milwaukee area years ago, I never would have imagined falling in with a group of people so dedicated to all things German. Since then, I’ve found myself at events where strangers dressed as trolls coo in your face and pour mysterious libations into your mouth (No, seriously. That actually happened to me), dinner tables are lifted and swung above heads while singing in German, and playing hammerschlagen is the norm. Despite how crazy it all once seemed, I’ve come to love it. This weekend I will spend time with my amazing German-obsessed friends at Germanfest, and for the first time, I will be wearing a dirndl. It’s going to be a riot, and I absolutely cannot wait.