Growing up, my family always made a point to go apple picking every year. It started when I was only 6 months old, and it continues on today. For me, apple picking signifies the start of fall and quite frankly, it’s probably my favorite part of it (though pumpkin goodies are a close second).

This year, rather than going to my orchard of choice, I instead headed to Elegant Farmer with Emily who had NEVER BEEN APPLE PICKING BEFORE. Having learned that little fact, it was of utmost importance to me to get her to an orchard ASAP!


We had an absolute blast picking apples, eating delicious food, and enjoying the crispest (say that ten times fast) apple cider ever. Though this was my first time picking apples at Elegant Farmer, I’m no stranger to their renowned bakery! They have, hands-down, the best apple pie in the world (and the Wall Street Journal agrees!), so of course we loaded up on pies and other apple treats to take home with us.


The rest of the weekend was spent baking apple crisp and catching up on some client work. There’s nothing like taking a break from pixel pushing to enjoy a piece of apple crisp, just like my mom always makes. Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t just like hers, but that’s because she puts way more love in hers whereas mine is made with…intense, glutinous apple lust. I didn’t even have a chance to take a photo before gobbling it up! I guess I’ll just have to make another one! Ha!

Between this and this previous post, I’m beginning to think I’m a bit of an apple addict!