MORE ABOUT ME (as a human, not just a graphic designer)
When not in front of a computer, you'll often find me day-dreaming about food, laughing hysterically in the company of my friends and family, riding my bike, or knee-deep in my Netflix queue (which is chock-full of indie films and strange sci-fi flicks). Fun fact: I once ordered a pizza while running on a tredmill, so there's that.




You're a passionate small business owner, entrepreneur, blogger, or just someone looking for an awesome invitation or announcement for your next big event. You know you have something important to share, but you're not sure how to get started. You want an experienced designer to walk you through the process and provide a carefully-crafted, boutique design experience (without the boutique price tag + plenty of payment plan options to accommodate budgets of all sizes).

I'm in the business of inspiring people and giving them a sense of confidence they previously didn't think possible. I carefully craft brands and brand collateral for both small businesses and events (think fundraisers, bridal showers, etc.). I take a lot of time to get to know you, your story, and help you learn more about yourself and the design process along the way. Oh, and one more thing, we're going to have a blast together—I promise!

Imagine having a brand that gives you confidence and accurately conveys your company's personality and story. Imagine memorable invitations and announcements that stand out from the over-used templates. Creating these materials and experiences is what I do best. I specialize in:

▪ logo + brand development
▪ invitations + announcements
▪ print design
▪ custom stickers + stamps
▪ blog headers + social media graphics

If you don't see something you're looking for, let me know because I know plenty of people in the industry that I'd love to recommend!

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